The freight business is full of stories and half truths. We give you the power to know exactly where your freight is at all times. Regardless if you move one pallet or 150,000 lbs pc of equipment with us you always know the facts. You will receive email notifications the minute your freight is loaded/ delivered with who signed for the freight as well as knowing the length of time we spent at your customer.

With the facts you can make changes or adjustments to schedules with assurance what you’re seeing is live satellite feed with mileage and distance readings updated every 15 mins 24/7 instead of listening to a dispatcher tell you whatever you want to hear to get you off the phone because he or she is too busy to give your shipment the time it deserves.

We invested in this ability to prove our integrity is what we say it is. It forces us to give proper quotes on delivery times because we know you can follow the trucks. This sets us apart from other freight companies who will tell you whatever you want to hear just to get the freight and worry about the excuse later as to why it isn’t there.

We also broker freight which has brought these issues front and center to us and we too were aggravated with the services of other companies. So we now have a select group of companies that subcontract to us under strict guidelines for daily updates and provide driver contact information so we know our freight is being moved as if it was on a Bushell Transport truck. All Third party freight is only booked for our trucks the only time we use sub contractors is if we are servicing a high volume in house customers that we do project work for.