We believe in providing our customers the security and satisfaction that they have chosen the best carrier for the job. In order to achieve this we use the best equipment and highest quality driver. We have an industry first in communications allowing the customer to view their order and its current status. With the touch of your mouse or click on a PDA  getting status updates from the cab of the truck are available 24/7, we are hands on throughout every shipment big or small to maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves.

We also provide a working atmosphere for our drivers that is second to none.  They have the ability to raise families and make our company their career home where they are provided health-care coverage in the US and Canada. Our drivers are on  a pay scale that ensures top performance when they are on the job.

Bushell Transport was founded on old world work ethic and has been thriving since 1963 . We respect this and have grown the company steadily over the years while investing in equipment and technology to maintain our competitive edge. We must achieve all of this and still provide competitive alternatives for our customers.

Our customers need to make informed decisions about who they choose to move their product so their customers are happy and that the job is done better than they could have done it themselves. You have my personal commitment we will move your freight with care and accountability on all levels.

Grant Glattacker