• California 10′ wide 9 axle units 65Ton rated.
  • California 10′ 32/36 wheeler capable of 117,000 lbs payload in AB ban season!!
  • 16 wheel jeeps
  • 8 wheel jeeps
  • Single axle jeeps AB/BC style
  • Hydraulic neck stretch double drops that can configure to 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 axle units with 49′ of well space
  • 51′ tri axle ultra low step decks with 40′ in the well and California legal with self load and unload ramps on newer units.
  • 48′ tandem spread axle flatbeds ultra light weight for max payload.
  • 48′ Murray tri axle 46 Ton Ultra lightweight low beds with front and rear loading ability.
  • We also have deck extensions for our Murray low beds that allow 36′ in the well with a very low rear transition maintaining 45 and 52 Ton capacity (16 Wheeler) with a tare weight just under 20000 lbs/22,500 lbs (16 wheeler) which is unheard of for this type of equipment.
  • 2015 8 axle mini deck 12″ loaded deck height 35Ton in 5′ capacity up to 34′ well CA legal
  • We also have a 36000 lb Hyundai 2014 forklift for freight transfer @ our yard in Acheson ,AB
  • Our shop is fully serviced can perform all repairs except warranty to get our units up and running should an issue arise.
  • Mini deck up to 8 axles and 35′ well space.
  • 12 axle transporter trailer ext 10′ wide deck and up to 39′ of box beam to right the load 12″ off the ground at 150,000 lbs.
  • 75 Ton rail beam 12 axle


  • 2013,14,15,16 Peterbilt 367’s with 20000 lb front ends for our heavy haul fleet. For up to and over 192,000 lb gross weights.
  • 2014,15,16 389 longhood Peterbilts for our LTL and over dimensional fleet up to 150,000 lb gross weights.

We run 100% Peterbilt fleet 100% company owned. We have received exemplary service and low maintenance costs running this equipment. Great dealer support local and abroad keeps our trucks moving and on time.