Welcome to Bushell Transport Company Ltd.

Bushell Transport Company Ltd. is a family owned business since 1963, based out of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. We specialize in oversize, long-haul, LTL and truckload service. We service ten Provinces as well as 48 States. Our WCB number is 1095013.

We currently have eight Western 51 foot tri-axle step decks which have deck heights of 35 inches with 40 feet in the well and legal for California (tri-axles). We also are very proud to run MURRAY low profile 48’ tri double drops as well as MURRAY 16 Wheelers, these trailers have very low rear profiles for hauling service rigs, wire line and construction equipment that most carriers would need to do on a stretch Double drop, we can pack more weight and size and be more cost effective than a stretch DD in a lot of cases. In the event a stretch DD is required we offer that as well up to 10 axles. In our heavy haul fleet we run California 9 axles WITH wheeler jeeps this allows for greater payloads and Murray trailers keeps our tare weights down so our payloads can go up!

We offer an all Peterbilt fleet, the oldest is a 2006, the newest is a 2011. Each of our trucks is equipped with Shaw Satellite Tracking/Scanning which is fully integrated with Sylectus our dispatch system that includes email notifications as explained under the “where’s my freight” document. Our drivers and owner-operators have more than 100 years combined experience and take extreme pride in their equipment and how we service our customers.

We are proud to announce that we are the first carrier in Canada to offer the BOSE ride seat in our 2011 heavy haul truck being released in August 2010. This is an amazing piece of technology that we provide for our drivers who do the extreme heavy haul so they are isolated from the stresses of running this equipment and can make their time on the road more enjoyable as we respect the talent and expertise it takes to operate this kind of equipment properly throughout North America.