Where’s my freight?

Bushell Transport Company knows. And so can youevery step of the way!

At Bushell Transport, we have made significant investments in technology so that you can quickly and easily find your freight anywhere in North America. Our satellite tracked vehicles and advanced integrated dispatch software from GPSNet Technologies combine to put the power of tracking your freight as easy as a click of your mouse. No website names to remember. No user-id’s or passwords to remember. Easy! Fast! Accurate!

Here is how it works:

  • Contact a friendly customer service representative at Bushell Transport and ask to get the “automatic trip emails”.
  • Select which trip events you want to get notifications for. Any of the following events are available:
    • When the load is booked.
    • When the load is dispatched.
    • When the truck arrives at any pickup point (shipper)
    • When the truck is loaded ant any pickup point (loaded call at a shipper)
    • When the truck arrives at any delivery point (consignee)
    • When the truck empties at any delivery point (Empty at consignee)
    • Once the “trip notification rules” are established for your account at Bushell, all subsequent loads we haul for you will send you these information emails.
    • Each e-mail you receive will contain appropriate trip information pertinent to the event and a “hot link”.
    • Within the body of each email is a “hot link” that can take you directly to a screen to track that load. With one mouse click, you will be given a screen that can show you:
      • Current location of the truck with a “Google Maps” icon so you can see the location on a map of North America.
      • Status of the shipment (arrived, loaded, etc.)
      • If loaded, it will show the pieces, weight and Bill of Lading information.
      • If empty, it will show the POD (Proof of Delivery) signature information.
      • It will show all relevant trip information (dates, times, shippers, consignees, etc.)
      • And more!
  • Each time you click the link in the email, the system will show you the latest information about the load. So even if the email was delivered hours earlier, you can always see the latest information about your freight.

Never have to ask “Where’s my freight?” again!

Call Bushell Transport to get access to this incredible information system.