Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

An Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is an efficient motor that reduces engine wear and fuel consumption. These high-quality units are proficient in producing the power required to support heating and cooling systems, as well as interior supplier power. An APU is externally situated on a truck to provide optimal accessibility for fueling purposes. Auxiliary Power Units are also powered by electricity, as well as diesel. These units enable truck drivers to reside in a comfortable and reliable operating environment, whilst minimizing engine idling. An APU provides interior appliance power, as well as heating and cooling capabilities that do not require the operation of a truck’s engine. As a result, these units reduce engine wear and emissions.

Dynasys Auxiliary Power Unit

Bushell Transport is a Dynasys APU dealer for Alberta, and we sell, install and service these for a broad spectrum of clients. These Auxiliary Power Units are ideal for customers looking to promote efficiency and attain cost savings. Dynasys Auxiliary Power Units (APU) are designed to mitigate maintenance expenses, as a result of reduced engine wear. Additionally, this unit optimizes cost savings and raises businesses bottom lines. Dynasys Auxiliary Power Units also provide an energy-efficient alternative to engine idling.

The installation of a Dynasys Auxiliary Power Unit provides drivers with in-cab comfort, as a result of reduced noise and vibration. This unit also increases employee morale and driver retention through an optimized and augmented operating environment. As an APU is externally situated on a truck, Dynasty provides weatherproof solutions to protect the vehicles fuel supply.


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The Benefits of An Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

Understanding the benefits of an APU can help you to determine if this is the right option for you and your business. As we strive to provide compelling alternatives for our customers, we have identified the advantageous benefits of Dynasys APU.

  1.     Cost Savings

The installation of a Dynasys Auxiliary Power Unit reduces emissions and fuel consumption, as a result of diminished engine usage. As diesel prices continue to rise, this unit promotes cost savings through fuel reduction. Additionally, an APU reduces the maintenance fees associated with engine wear. As a result of these cost savings, businesses will experience increased cash flow and an improved bottom line.

  1.   Compliance with Idling Rules and Regulations

Auxiliary Power Units allow truck drivers and businesses to comply with “no idling laws”. As drivers can receive a penalty for idling, this unit provides a compelling alternative to idling and the associated environmental impacts.

  1. Driver Retention

Auxiliary Power Units enable truck drivers to reside in a comfortable and reliable operating environment. In particular, the Dynasys APU reduces vibration and noise to further improve this operating environment. This unit facilitates employee morale, and thereby, significantly reduces employee turnover. Increased retention rates and morale can positively affect productivity and performance.

  1.   Return on Investment

Overall, APU are a great investment, as they reduce maintenance expenses and costs associated with idling. Additionally, increased employee productivity can result in long-term cost savings.

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