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Hotshot Trucking involves the transportation of smaller and more time-sensitive freight. This service is used to haul less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments that are generally under 15,000 lbs. Hotshot Trucking ensures that small and sensitive shipments arrive at their destination within a specific time frame. Additionally, hotshot loads are typically transported using medium-duty trucks that pull flatbed trailers. Similar to LTL shipping, the use of this service is primarily determined by the weight and occupancy requirements of a specified freight shipment.

Bushell Transport provides hotshot services for customers that require the transportation of small and sensitive freight shipments. We provide irregular route hotshot services upon request, to meet the varying needs of our clientele. This service is ideal for businesses and customers that require the delivery of smaller and time-sensitive loads to accessible locations. Our hotshot service offers more flexibility and convenience, as a result of reduced service downtime. Additionally, Bushell Transport devotes a hotshot route and schedule to a single customer.


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The Benefits of Hotshot Shipping

Understanding the benefits of Bushell Transport’s hotshot shipping service can help you to determine if this is the right option for you and your business. As we strive to provide compelling alternatives for our customers, we have identified the advantageous benefits of our hotshot shipping service.

  1.     Cost-Effective Solution:

The use of third-party logistics companies can significantly reduce the costs associated with hotshot services. These companies maintain professionalism and ensure that deliveries are made within a specific time frame. Additionally, the shipment of small freight using medium-duty trucks enables customers to reduce additional expenses related to full-load shipments.

  1.     Reduced Service Downtime:

The use of hotshot shipping services enables customers to schedule on-time deliveries and shipments. As this service is primarily used for time-sensitive shipments, a courier will ensure timely deliveries are made. Hotshot shipping allows Bushell Transport to provide enhanced flexibility and convenience, as a result of reduced service downtime.

  1.     Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

As many of our client’s value convenience and cost-effective shipping solutions, hotshot trucking provides optimal value and customer satisfaction. At Bushell Transport, we prioritize customer relationships and provide delivery solutions that help maintain positive experiences. As a result, we recommend hotshot services to our customers who value fast shipping and excellent delivery offerings.

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About Bushell Transport’s Hotshot Shipping Services

At Bushell Transport, we aim to provide our customers with compelling and effective solutions that address their specific shipping requirements. Our best-in-class hotshot trucking service enables customers to feel confident about their decision to collaborate with Bushell Transport. We provide convenient, flexible and timely hotshot services that exceed the status quo. Contact us to learn more about how we can revolutionize your delivery.

Hotshot Trucking vs. Expedited Shipping

Although hotshot trucking involves the transportation of time-sensitive freight, this service is different from expedited shipping. Hotshot trucking reduces service downtime, as a result of distributed efforts amongst various hotshot drivers. Expedited shipping, however, involves the use of vehicles that are on standby to provide on-demand delivery services.

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