Trucking and Fleet Risk Management

Transportation and over-dimensional hauling are inherently challenging and risky, as a result of adverse circumstances. Vehicle breakdowns, logistical impediments and unfavourable road conditions can detrimentally affect the transference of cargo and personnel. Additionally, cargo theft and security risks can obstruct logistical and operational processes.

To eliminate the challenges and risks associated with over-dimensional hauling, Bushell Transport has implemented risk management strategies. Our risk management strategies aim to mitigate security risks that protect both cargo and employees. At Bushell Transport, we value the safety of our customers freight and our personnel. To reduce inherent challenges and provide incredible value to our customers, we offer pilot truck services that come with the same great tracking performance as our power units. We are fully equipped and trained to deliver excellent value and to uphold safety standards. To mitigate security breaches and risks, Bushell Transport has 24-hour gate-controlled access with 360 views from our security system.

Pilot Truck Services

Pilot truck services are used for heavy and over-dimensional hauling. The implementation of this service is carried out to ensure that oversized freight shipments reach their destination safely. The pilot driver accompanies the truck and freight through specified regions. The pilot driver also communicates with the truck driver through CB radio to discuss accidents and traffic congestion. The pilot vehicle ensures that the truck is able to switch lanes and cross bridges in a safe manner. Pilot truck services are also used to guarantee that laws and regulations are being followed throughout the transportation journey.

Pilot truck services mitigate inherent overhaul challenges via:

  • Pilot trucks prevent impairment to freight shipments
  • Pilot trucks minimize and prevent accidents
  • Pilot trucks create a safe travel environment for overhaul and over-dimensional trucks, as well as other vehicles

At Bushell Transport, we provide pilot services to ensure that our personnel and your freight shipment reaches its destination safely and securely. This service is ideal for businesses and customers that require the transportation of over-dimensional loads. When you use our pilot trucking services, we apply our expertise to provide you with excellent value and safety.


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Bushell Transport Security System

To enhance our security measures and mitigate breaches, we provide 24-hour gate-controlled access with 360 views from our security system. This security system is used to prevent cargo theft and to provide our customers with excellent safety protocols. Additionally, we want our customers to know that their freight and shipments are protected and secure. As our consumers depend on us, we provide reliable and safeguarded services. 

Risk Management at Bushell Transport

At Bushell Transport, we are determined to provide the safest and most secure transportation and over-dimensional hauling services. We are continually enhancing and increasing our security measures, to ensure that your freight arrives at its destination in an impeccable manner. Bushell Transport will continue to provide excellent service quality and safety across all of our coverage areas.

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