Trucks Maintenance and Repairs

Preventative truck maintenance is a proactive management practise that is carried out to ensure that freight shipments and drivers reach their destination safely. A consistent and regular maintenance routine can mitigate safety risks, as well as legal liability. Preventative maintenance is imperative, as unsafe operating conditions can result in injury and legal implications. Additionally, routine maintenance and repairs can reduce vehicle breakdowns and the costs associated with engine wear. A proactive routine that involves oil changes and inspections can effectively reduce maintenance expenses and vehicle impairments. The maintenance of commercial vehicles is imperative to sustain effective operations and safety.

Bushell Transport provides licensed truck and commercial vehicle inspections to mitigate safety risks and increase operational efficiency. We also provide mechanical repairs and maintenance services, as proactive management practices are of utmost importance at Bushell Transport. As a true heavy haul innovator, we understand the significance of fleet maintenance and the benefits of effective fleet management. At Bushell Transport, we provide best-in-class maintenance and repairs, to provide our customers with dependable services that enhance their transportation processes. Our initiatives and inspections will effectively mitigate vehicle breakdowns and repairs, as well as increase a truck’s lifespan.


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Vehicle Inspections at Bushell Transport

As part of Bushell Transports preventative maintenance measures, we conduct routine inspections to examine and determine the condition of a vehicle. An evaluation will be undergone to ensure that a truck’s parts and accessories meet the required vehicle standards. Our inspection services will typically involve the examination of seat belts, headlights, signals, emergency equipment, defrosters and heaters. The inspection services we provide also include an examination of various other vehicle facets, parts and accessories. Additionally, consistent oil and filter changes are imperative to maintain safety and operational efficiency.

Maintenance and Repairs at Bushell Transport

As Bushell Transport is committed to our customers and the operational efficiency of commercial vehicles, we offer exceptional maintenance and repair solutions. Upon vehicle examination, we will conduct appropriate and effective repairs to ensure that your vehicle exceeds operational standards. At Bushell Transport, we also provide maintenance services that reduce the potential costs associated with engine wear and vehicle breakdowns. We provide maintenance and repair services that comprise of engine and brake solutions, as well as various other system solutions.

The Benefits of Maintenance and Repairs

Preventative truck maintenance poses several benefits, as proactive management practices can enhance the operational efficiency of commercial vehicles and trucks. Additionally, routine maintenance and repairs can result in increased safety, reduced costs associated with engine wear, driver gratification and enhanced reliability.

  • Increased Safety
  • Reduced Costs Associated with Engine Wear
  • Driver Gratification
  • Enhanced Reliability

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